DU B.Sc Hons. 6th Sem Date Sheet May 2016

DU B.Sc Hons. 6th Sem Date Sheet May 2016 - You can find & download here Date Sheet of University of Delhi Bachelor of Science with Honours (B.Sc (Hons.)) sixth semester examination will be held on from May 9, 2016 to May 27, 2016.

MAIN SUBJECTS: Anthropology, Bio-Chemistry, Biomedical, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science (Admission of 2011), Electronics, Geology, Microbiology, Physics, Statistics and Zoology.


Date-sheet for B.Sc. (Honours) Part-I/II & III (6th Semester)

Main Subject Sem. Paper/ Sub. Code Unique Paper Code Description
11th May, Wednesday
Anthropology VI ANHT-618 215602 Fundamental of Human Origins and Evolution
Biochemistry VI BCHT-611 249601 Molecular Physiology
Biomedical VI BOHT-610 258601 Toxicology
Botany VI BTHT-610 216601 Plant Metabolism & Biochemistry
Chemistry VI CHHT-615 217601 Inorganic Chemistry-V
Computer Science VI CSHT-614 234601 Computer Graphics
Electronics VI ELHT-601 251601 Electrical Machines
Geology VI ET-1 219601 Applied River Science
Microbiology VI MIHT-611 253601 Medical Microbiology
Physics VI PHHT-619 222601 Electromagnetic Theory
Statistics VI STH-601 237601 Statistical Inference-II
Zoology VI ZOHT-610 223601 Evolutionary Biology
14th May, Saturday
Anthropology VI ANHT-619 215603 Genomic Diversity in Human Populations
Biochemistry VI BCHT-612 249603 Recombinant DNA Technology
Biomedical VI BOHT-611 258603 Immunology
Botany VI BTHT-611 216603 Reproductive Biology of Angiosperms
Chemistry VI CHHT-616 217603 Organic Chemistry-V
Computer Science VI CSHT-615 234603 Information Security
Electronics VI ELHT-602 251602 Digital Communication
Geology VI ET-2 219602 Environmental Geology
Microbiology VI MIHT-612 253603 Food and Dairy Microbiology
Physics VI PHHT-620 222602 Statistical Physics
Statistics VI STH-602 237602 Design of Experiments
Zoology VI ZOHT-611 223603 Biotechnology
17th May, Tuesday
Anthropology VI ANHT-620 215604 Anthropology in Practice
Anth./Bio. Chem./ Bio. Med./Bot./ Micro Bio./Zool. VI GGHT-602 107693 Genetics & Genomics-II
Chemistry VI CHHT-618 217607 Applications of Computers in Chemistry
Electronics VI ELHT-604 251606 Engineering Mathematics
Geology VI ET-4 219606 Introduction to Geochemistry
Physics VI PHHT-622 222604 Nuclear and Particle Physics
23rd May, Monday
Geology VI ET-5 219607 Introduction to Petroleum Geology
Computer Science VI CSHT-616(i) 234605 Software Testing
VI CSHT-616(ii) 234607 Artificial Intelligence
VI CSHT-616(iii) 234609 Network Programming and Administration
VI CSHT-616(iv) 234611 Data Mining
VI CSHT-616(v) 234613 Combinatorial Optimizations
Statistics VI STH-604 237604 Bio-Statistics
25th May, Wednesday
Geology VI ET-6 219609 Quaternary Geology and Palaeoclimate
27th May, Friday
Biochemistry VI BCHT-613 249605 Immunology-II
Biomedical VI BOHT-612 258605 (a) Bioinformatics
Biomedical VI BOHT-612 258607 (b) Human Genetics
Biomedical VI BOHT-612 258609 (c) Medical Biotechnology
Biomedical VI BOHT-612 258611 (d) Social and Preventive Medicine
Botany VI BTHT-612 216605 Plant Biotechnology
Chemistry VI CHHT-617 217605 Physical Chemistry-V
Computer Science VI STC-402 234615 Statistical Methodology
Electronics VI ELHT-603 251604 Optics and Optical Electronics
Geology VI ET-3 219604 Exploration Geology
Microbiology VI MIHT-613 253605 Recombinant DNA Technology and Biotechnology
Statistics VI STH-603 237603 Econometrics
Physics VI PHHT-621 222603 Solid State Physics
Zoology VI ZOHT-612 223605 Applied Zoology
Zoology VI LSPT-409 107455 Bioinformatics
Zoology VI BTHT-509 216609 Environmental Management

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