DU BA Programme 6th Sem Date Sheet 2016

DU BA Programme 6th Sem Date Sheet 2016 - You can find & download here Date Sheet of University of Delhi Bachelor of Arts Programme (BA (Programme)) sixth semester (Part-I/II & III) examination will be held in May/June 2016.

University : Delhi University

Programme : Bachelor of Commerce with Honours


Exam Session : May - June 2016

Annual/Semester Mode : Semester

Contact Address : University of Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

Official Website : www.du.ac.in

Date-Sheet for B.A. (Programme) Part-I/II& III (6th Semester)

SUBJECT SEM. Paper/ Sub. Code Unique Paper Code DESCRIPTION
10th May, Tuesday
English-A VI ENA 203651 Advanced English
English-B VI ENB 203652 Intermediate English
English-C VI ENC 203653 Basic English
12th May, Thursday
Bengali-A VI BNA 208634 Bengali-A
Bengali-B VI BNB 208635 Bengali-B
Bengali-C VI BNC 208636 Bengali-C
Hindi-A VI HNA 205639 Hindi-A
Hindi-B VI HNB 205640 Hindi-B
Hindi-C VI HNC 205641 Hindi-C
Punjabi-A VI PNA 212654 Punjabi-A (Advanced)
Punjabi-B VI PB 212655 Punjabi-B (Intermediate)
Punjabi-C VI PNC 212656 Punjabi-C (Basic)
Sanskrit Language VI SKL 213657 Sanskrit: Sanskrit & Culture
Tamil-A VI TMA 208662 Tamil-A
Tamil-B VI TMA 208663 Tamil-B
Tamil-C VI TMA 208664 Tamil-C
Urdu-A VI URA 214668 Urdu-A
Urdu-B VI URB 214669 Urdu-B
Urdu-C VI URC 214670 Urdu-C
Arabic VI AR 201671 Arabic : Text Grammar & Translations-II
Economics VI ECL 227672 Principles of Macro Economics - II
History-VII VI HS7L 231673 History of India-IV (8th to 18th Century)
History-VIII VI HS8L 231674 Cultural Transformation in Early Modern Europe-II (c.1500-1800)
SUBJECT SEM. Paper/ Sub.
Unique Paper Code DESCRIPTION
12th May, Thursday Contd….
Persian VI PR 209675 Persian: Poetry
Philosophy VI PHL 210676 Ethics, Theory and Practice-II
Political Science VI PSL 232677 Comparative Government & Politics
13th May Friday Discipline Course-I/II
Bengali Discipline VI BND 208612 Literature in Translation
French VI FRN 204651 Study of the Language, Culture and Literature
Functional Hindi
VI FH2 205651  
German VI GER 204653 Study of the Language, Culture and Literature
Insurance VI INS 3(B) 241658 Life Insurance-II
INS 4(B) 241659 Non-Life Insurance-II
Music VI MU 244653 Ancient & Medieval History of Music & Study of Ragas & Talas-I
Karnatak Music VI KMU 244651 Karnatak Music
Physical Education and Health Education VI PE 255651 Integration in Physical Education : Administration, Management, Media and Careers in Physical Education
Spanish VI SP 204657 Study of the Language, Culture and Literature
Statistics VI ST 237651 Sample Surveys and Design of Experiments
16th May, Monday Application Course
Banking & Insurance VI BI 290661 Insurance
Basic Mathematical Statistics VI MTA 290662 Basic Mathematical Statistics-II
Computer Application VI CAA 290663 Computer Applications-II
Consumer Affairs VI CAF 290664 Consumer Affairs-II
Conflict Resolution & Peace–Building VI CRPB 290665 Conflict Resolution & Peace Building-II
Creative Writing (Bengali) VI CWB 208699 Creative Writing (Bengali)
Creative Writing (English) VI CWE 290666 Creative Writing (English)-II
Creative Writing (Hindi) VI CWH 290667 Creative Writing (Hindi)-II
Creative Writing (Punjabi) VI CWP 290669 Creative Writing (Punjabi)-II
Creative Writing (Urdu) VI CMU 290668 Creative Writing (Urdu)-II
Disaster Management VI DM 290670 Disaster Management-II
Film Studies VI FS 290671 Film Studies-II
Globalization VI GL 290672 Globalization-II
Indian Art VI IA 290673 Indian Art-II Painting & Architecture
  VI IM 290674 Indian Music (Hindustani Music) (Vocal & Instrumental)
Life Crisis : Coping and Evolving VI LCCE 290675 Life Crisis-Coping & Evolving-II
Labour & Development in India VI LD 290676 Labour & Development in India
Legal Literacy VI LL 290677 Legal Literacy-II
Mass Communication VI MC 290678 Mass Communication-II
Mathematics For Social Sciences-I VI MTSS 290679 Mathematics For Social Sciences-II
Nutrition & Health VI NHEA 290680 Introduction to Nutrition & Health
Translation & Interpreting VI TIEH 290681 Translation & Interpreting: English-Hindi- English-II
Translation & Interpreting VI TIEP 290682 Translation & Interpreting: Punjabi-English- Punjabi-II
Tax Management VI TM 290683 Indirect Tax & Wealth Tax
Theatre and Performance VI TP 290684 Theatre & Performance-II
Tourism VI TOUR 290685 Tourism-II
Voluntary Organization VI VO 290686 Voluntary Organizations-II
Physical Education VI PEA 290687 Weight & Stress management & Gym Operation
Family & Child Welfare VI FCW 290688 Introduction to Human Development
Entrepreneurship and small Business VI ESBA 290689 Small Business & Management

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