DU B.Sc Hons. 2nd Sem Date Sheet May 2016

DU B.Sc Hons. 2nd Sem Date Sheet May 2016 - You can find & download here Date Sheet of University of Delhi Bachelor of Science with Honours (B.Sc (Hons.)) second semester examination will be held on from May 9, 2016 to May 27, 2016.

MAIN SUBJECTS: Anthropology, Bio-Chemistry, Biomedical, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science (Admission of 2011), Electronics, Geology, Microbiology, Physics, Statistics and Zoology.


Date-sheet for B.Sc. (Honours) Part-I/II & III (2nd Semester)

Main Subject Sem. Paper/ Sub. Code Unique Paper Code Description
10th May, Tuesday
Anthropology II ANHT-204 215201 Archaeological Anthropology-II
Biochemistry II BCHT-203 249201 Biochemical Techniques
Biomedical II BOHT-202 258201 Human Physiology-II
Botany II BTHT-202 216201 Biodiversity-II Mycology & Phytopathology
Chemistry II LSPT-202 216251 Biology-II
Computer Science II CSHT-203 234201 Data Structures
Electronics II ELHT-201 251201 Signals and Systems
Geology II GEHT-201 219201 Sedimentology
Microbiology II MIHT-203 253201 Phycology and Mycology
Physics II PHHT-203 222201 Mathematical Physics-II
Statistics II STHT-201 237252 Calculus-II
Zoology II ZOHT-202 223201 Biodiversity-II: Chordata-I
13th May, Friday
Anthropology II ANHT-205 215203 Anthropology of Kinship
Biochem./Biomed./ Botany/Microbio./ Zoology II CHCT-402 217251 Chemistry-II
Chemistry II CHHT-203 217201 Physical Chemistry-I
Computer Science II CSHT-204 234203 Computer Systems Architecture
Electronics II ELHT-202 251203 Semiconductor Devices
Geology II GEHT-202 219203 Paleontology
Statistics II STH-202 237253 Algebra-II
Physics II PHHT-204 222202 Oscillation and Waves
18th May, Wednesday
Anthropology II ANHT-206 215204 Biostatistics and Data Analysis
Biochem./Biomed./ Microbio. II MACT-303 235161 Mathematics & Statistics
Botany II BTHT-203 216203 Biodiversity-III: Archegoniatae
Chemistry II CHHT-204 217203 Analytical Methods in Chemical Analysis
Computer Science II MAPT-202 235266 Calculus and Geometry
Electronics II MAHT-204 235271 Mathematics-I
Physics II PHHT-205 222203 Electricity and Magnetism
Statistics II STH-203 237201 Probability and Statistical Methods-II
Zoology II ZOHT-203 223203 Biodiversity-III: Chordata-II
19th May, Thursday
Geology II GEHT-203 219256 Physical Chemistry
20th May, Friday
Chemistry II PHCT-201 222251 Physics-I
Physics II PHHT-206 222204 Digital Electronics
Statistics II STHT-204 237202 Applied Statistics-I
Common paper for Honours courses:-
  II ENAT-201 203291 Technical Writing & Communication in English
  II CSAT-201 234291 Computational Skills
24st May, Tuesday
Qualifying II ESQP 218281 Environmental Studies (Qualifying Paper)
26rd May, Thursday
Geology II GEHT-204 219251 Physics-I

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