DU B.Sc Hons. Mathematical Science Date Sheet 2016

DU B.Sc Hons. Mathematical Science Date Sheet 2016 - You can check here Date Sheet of University of Delhi Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science with Honours (B.Sc (Hons.) Mathematical Science) 2nd/4th & 6th Semester (Part-I/II & III) Examination will be start on 7th May, 2015 and conclude on 23rd may, 2015.

Tentative Date Sheets B.Sc. (Mathematical Sciences) Semester-II/IV/VI Examination 2015

Subject Sem. Paper/Sub. Code Unique Paper Code Description
7th May, Thursday Credit Course
IV 2.4 203261 English
IV 2.4 205261 Hindi
IV 2.4 213261 Sanskrit
IV 2.4 222281 Physics I
IV 2.4 217281 Chemistry
8th May, Friday
Statistics II STP-202 237262 Statistical Methods-I
Statistics (Concurrent) II STC-402 237261 Statistical Methodology
9th May, Saturday
Economics VI EC 227671 Principle of Economic
English VI EN-I 203663 Modern Indian Literature-Poems and Short Story
English VI EN-II 203664 Culture Diversity, Linguistic & Plurality & Literary Translation in India
Geography VI GR-I 229671 Principle of Geography
Geography VI GR-II 229672 Geography of India
Hindi VI HN 205671 Hindi Literature
History VI HS-IA 231683 Culture in India –Ancient
History VI HS-IB 231684 Culture in India-Medieval
History VI HS-IC 231685 Culture in India-Modern
History VI HS-IIA 231686 Delhi Ancient
History VI HS-IIB 231687 Delhi medieval
History VI HS-IIC 231688 Delhi Modern
History VI HS-IIIA 231689 History Religion and Religiosity in India Ancient
History VI HS-IIIB 231690 Religion and Religiosity in India Medieval
History VI HS-IIIC 231691 Religion and Religiosity in India Modern
History VI HS-IVA 231692 Inequality and Difference in India Ancient
History VI HS-IVB 231693 Inequality and Difference in India Medieval
History VI HS-IVC 231694 Inequality and Difference in India Modern
Philosophy VI PH-I 210672 Formal Logic
Philosophy VI PH-II 210673 Symbolic Logic
Philosophy VI PH-III 210674 Philosophical Investigations (Reading in Western Philosophy)
Philosophy VI PH-IV 210675 Theories of Consciousness (Reading in Classical Indian Philosophy)
Political Science VI PS 231671 Citizenship in Globalizing World
Psychology VI PSY 211671 Psychology of Living
Sociology VI SY 230671 Sociology of Contemporary India
Commerce VI FA 241698 Financial Accounting
Chemistry VI GC 217682 Green Chemistry
Chemistry VI BT 217684 Biotechnology
Physics VI PY 222681 Physics-II
Physics VI BPY 222682 Biophysics
11th May, Monday
Operational Research IV ORP-4 236462 Operational Research-IV (Queuing and Reliability Theory)
Tentative date-Sheet for B.Sc. (Mathematical Science) Part-I,II& III (2nd/4th/6th Semester) Exam. May-2015
Subject Sem. Paper/Sub. Code Unique Paper Code Description
12th May, Tuesday
Operational Research II ORP-2 236262 Inventory and Marketing Management
Op. Research (Concurrent) II ORC-2 236263 Operational Research-II
13th May, Wednesday
Computer Science IV CSPT-404 234461 Computer Science-IV (Operating Systems)
14th May, Thursday
Computer Science II CSPT-202 234261 Computer Science-II (Data Structure)

Computer Science (Concurrent)


234263 (i) Multimedia Systems and Applications
234265 (ii) Network and Information Security
15th May, Friday
Mathematics VI MAPT-606 235666 Mechanics and Discrete Mathematics
16th May, Saturday
Mathematics II MAPT-202 235266 Mathematics-II (Calculus and Geometry)
18th May, Monday
Mathematics IV MAPT-404 235466 Mathematics-IV (Differential Equations)
19th May, Tuesday
Operational Research VI ORP-6 236662 (a) Forecasting
(b) Case Studies
20th May, Wednesday
Statistics IV STP-404 237462 Statistics-IV (Applied Statistics)
21th May, Thursday
Statistics VI STP-606 237662 Simple Surveys and Design of Experiments
23rd May, Saturday
Computer Science VI CSPT-606 234661 Database Management Systems

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