SOL.DU.AC.IN B.Sc Programme Date Sheet 2015

SOL.DU.AC.IN B.Sc Programme Date Sheet 2015 - All students can download here Date Sheet of School of Open Learning (SOL) University of Delhi Bachelor of Science Programme (B.Sc. (Programme)) Part-I,II & III and Parts-I/II & III (Simultaneous) Examination will be start on 7th May, 2015 and conclude on 2nd June, 2015.
7th May, Thursday

Physics I  PH 101  A501/A101 Physics

8th May, Friday
Physics III PH-301 C505 Physics of Material and Electronics
C204 Electromagnetic Theory
Life Science III LS-301 C510 Development Biology and Physiology: Plants
Biology III BIO-301 C539/C235 Cell & Molecular Biology and Development Biology
Ind. Chemistry III IC-301 C530/C226 Industrial Chemicals in Agriculture and Medicine
Anal. Chemistry III AC-301 C533/C229 Separation Methods in Analytical Chemistry
Op. Research III OR-301 C525/C221 Reliability and Statistical Quality Control
9th May, Saturday
Mathematics II MA-201 B508/B207 Calculus and Geometry
Life Science II LS-203 B512/B211 Cell Biology, Biochemistry & Immunology
Env. Science II ES-201 B536/B232 Concepts in Ecology
Agro Chemical & II ACP-201 B542/B238 Agricultural Botany, Plant Pathology & Weeds
Pest Management
Sericulture II SC-201 B545/B244 General Sericulture, Soil Science
Mathophysics II MP-201 B516/B241 Mathematics-I
11th May, Monday
Mathematics I MA 107a A507/A109 Mathematics
MA 107b A508/A110 Mathematics for Life Sciences
12th May, Tuesday
Mathematics II MA-202 B509/B208 Algebra and Differential Equations
Life Science II LS-204 B513/B212 Genetics, Genomics & Molecular Biology
Env. Science II ES-202 B537/B233 Natural Resource Management
Agro Chemical & II ACP-202 B543/B239 Fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides
Pest Management
Sericulture II SC-202 B546/B245 Mulberry & Silkworm Studies
Mathophysics II MP-202 B517/B242 Thermal Physics & Electromagnetism
13th May, Wednesday

Biology  I  BY 105  A505/A105 Biology

14th May, Thursday
Chemistry III CH-301 C501 Inorganic Chemistry
C201 Inorganic & Physical Chemistry
Computer Sc. III CS-301 C519/C215 Operating Systems and Networks
Electronics III EL-301 C527/C224 Electronic Communication
Note: Please send your observations/comments latest by January 31,2015
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Tentative date Sheet for B.Sc. Programme Part-I, II & III and Parts-I/II & III (Simultaneous) Examinations May/June, 2015
15th May, Friday

Humanities  I  HU 112 A511/A115 Technical Writing and Communication in English

16th May, Saturday
Physics II PH-201 B505 Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetic Theory
B201 Mathematical Physics
Life Science II LS-201 B510 Biodiversity-I: Plants
Biology II BIO-201 B539/B235 Biology of Animals: Form, Structure & Function
Ind. Chemistry II IC-201 B530/B226 Industrial Chemicals & Environment
Anal. Chemistry II AC-201 B533/B229 Basic Principles & Laboratory Operation
Op. Research II OR-201 B525/B221 Optimization
18th May, Monday

Chemistry  I  CH 103 A503/A103  Chemistry

19th May, Tuesday
Chemistry II CH-201 B501 Inorganic Chemistry
B201 Inorganic & Physical Chemistry
Computer Sc. II CS-201 B519/B215 Programming and Data Structures
Electronics II EL-201 B527/B223 Analog and Digital Circuits
20th May, Wednesday
Mathematics III MA-301 C508/C207 Real Analysis
Life Science III LS-303 C512/C211 Ecology and Environmental Management
Env. Science III ES-301 C536/C232 Environmental Concerns and Health
Agro Chemical & III ACP-301 C542/C238 Applied Entomology
Pest Management
Sericulture III SC-301 C545/C244 Crop Improvement and Management
Mathophysics III MP-301 C516/C241 Mathematics-2
21st May, Thursday
Physics II PH-202 B506 Thermal Physics and Optics
B205 Thermal Physics
Life Science II LS-202 B511/B210 Biodiversity-II: Animals
Biology II BIO-202 B540/B236 Biology of Plants: Form, Structure and Function
Ind. Chemistry II IC-202 B531/B227 Fossil Fuels and Fermentation Industries
Anal. Chemistry II AC-202 B534/B230 Quantitative Methods of Analysis
Op. Research II OR-202 B526/B222 Inventory Management & Queuing Theory
22nd May, Friday
Chemistry III CH-302 C502 Organic Chemistry
C202 Organic and Physical Chemistry
Computer Sc. III CS-302 C520/C216 Software Engineering and Databases
Electronics III EL-302 C528/C223 Microprocessors and Micro Controllers
23rd May, Saturday
Chemistry II CH-202 B502 Organic Chemistry
B202 Organic and Physical Chemistry
Computer Sc. II CS-202 B520/B216 Computer System Architecture
Electronics II EL-202 B528/B224 Semiconductor Devices & Fabrication
Note: Please send your observations/comments latest by January 31,2015
Printed on: 19 January 2015, 10:30 AM Page 2 of 3
Tentative date Sheet for B.Sc. Programme Part-I, II & III and Parts-I/II & III (Simultaneous) Examinations May/June, 2015
25th May, Monday

Chemistry  II  CH-203 B503 Physical Chemistry

26th May, Tuesday

Chemistry III CH-303 C503 Physical Chemistry

27th May, Wednesday
Physics III PH-302 C506/C205 Modern Physics
Life Science III LS-302 C511/C210 Development Biology and Physiology: Animals
Biology III BIO-302 C540/C236 Genetics, Biotechnology and Immunology
Ind. Chemistry III IC-302 C531/C227 Polymers and Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Anal. Chemistry III AC-302 C534/C230 Instrumental Methods Analysis
Op. Research III OR-302 C526/C222 Forecasting and Case Studies
28th May, Thursday

Elective Subject  II  B606/B306 Financial Management

29th May, Friday

Elective Subject  III  C601/C301  Green Chemistry

30th May, Saturday
Elective Subject II B601/B301 Economics
B602/B302 Entrepreneurship
B603/B303 Organisational Behaviour
B604/B304 Psychology
B605/B305 Financial Accounting
1st June, Monday
Elective Subject III C602/C302 Polymer Science
C603/C303 Biotechnology
C604/C304 Forensic Science
C605/C305 Earth System Science
C606/C306 Intellectual Property Rights
C607/C307 Computational and Discrete Mathematics
C608/C308 Mathematical Methods in Life Science
2nd June, Tuesday
Mathematics III MA-302 C509/C208 Analysis, Algebra and Mechanics
Life Science III LS-304 C513/C212 Applied Biology and Biotechnology
Env. Science III ES-302 C537/C233 Environmental Protection and Management
Agro Chemical & III ACP-302 C543/C239 Insecticides, Pesticide Formulation, Analysis, Quality
Pest Management Control
Sericulture III SC-302 C546/C245 Silkworm Seed Technology and Silk Technology
Mathophysics III MP-302 C517/C242 Optics, Electronics and Modern Physics

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