B.Com Hons Part-III Date Sheet 2017 B.Com Hons Part-III Date Sheet 2017 - All students can download here Date Sheet of Delhi University (DU) School of Open Learning (SOL) Bachelor of Commerce with Honors (B.Com Hons.) Part-III Annual examination will be start on 7th May, 2017 and conclude on 20th June, 2017.

Meant for all Regular and Ex-students of the Colleges of the University, School of Open Learning ( Delhi centres only) enrolled for appearing in the examinations of Part- I, II & III and Parts- I/ II & III ( Simultaneous). B.Com Hons Part-III Date Sheet

7th May, Thursday III XXV C310 International Business
8th May, Friday III XXVI C311 Politics of Globalisation
9th May, Saturday III XXXI C316 Entrepreneurship Development
11th May, Monday III XXXII C317 Small Business Venturing and Management
12th May, Tuesday III XXXIII C318 Computerized Accounting System
13th May, Wednesday III XXXIV C319 Enterprise Resource Planning
14th May, Thursday III XXVII C312 Human Resource Management
15th May, Friday III XXXV C320 Business Data Processing-I
16th May, Saturday III XXVIII C313 Compensation Management
18th May, Monday I I A101 Business Organisation & Management
19th May, Tuesday III XXIX C314 Corporate Tax Planning

20th May, Wednesday



Financial Accounting
Part-A (2½ Hours) Part-B (½ Hour)
21st May, Thursday II VIII B101 Corporate Accounting
22nd May, Friday III XXX C315 Business Tax Procedures and Management
23rd May, Saturday I III A104 Microeconomic Theory and Applications I
25th May, Monday II IX B102 Cost Accounting
26th May, Tuesday III XVI C301 Management Accounting
27th May, Wednesday I IV A105 Business Statistics
28th May, Thursday II X B103 Microeconomic Theory and Applications II
29th May, Friday III XVII C302 Macroeconomics
30th May, Saturday I V A106 Business Law
1st June, Monday II XI B104 Business Mathematics
2nd June, Tuesday I VII(a) A109 Business Communication (2 Hours)
3rd June, Wednesday III XVIII C303 Indian Economy-Performance and Policies
4th June, Thursday I VII(b) A110 Politics, Ethics & Social Res. of Business (2 Hours)
5th June, Friday III XIX C304 Financial Management

6th June, Saturday



Introduction to Computers and Information Systems
Part-A+B (3 Hours) Part-A only (1½ Hours)
8th June, Monday III XX C305 Fundamentals of Investment
9th June, Tuesday II XII B105 Corporate Laws
10th June, Wednesday III XXI C306 Financial Mkts., Instt. and Fin. Services
11th June, Thursday III XXXVI C321 Business Data Processing-II
12th June, Friday II XIV(a) B107 E-Commerce
13th June, Saturday III XXII C307 Insurance and Risk Management
15th June, Monday II XIII B106 Income Tax Law and Practice
16th June, Tuesday III XXIII C308 Principles of Marketing
17th June, Wednesday II XIV(b) B108 Auditing (2 Hours)
18th June, Thursday III XXIV C309 Advertising and Personal Selling
19th June, Friday II Paper-XV
XV B860 English
(Cultural Diversity, Linguistic Plurality and Literary Traditions in India)
XV B804 Hindi-A
XV B805 Hindi-B
XV B853 History
(Issues in World History: The 20th Century)
XV B861 Mathematics
XV B857 Philosophy
(Introduction to Philosophy)
XV B859 Political Science
(Democracy and Governance in India)
XV B811 Punjabi-A
(For candidates who offered Punjabi in XII Class)
XV B812 Punjabi-B
(For candidates who offered Punjabi in X Class and also for those who for some reasons could not offer it at any level)
XV B814 Tamil
XV B816 Urdu
20th June, Saturday III XXXVII C322 Essay
(For the students of SOL only)

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