DU B.Sc 1st Sem Date Sheet 2015

DU B.Sc 1st Sem Date Sheet 2015 - You can find & download here Date Sheet of University of Delhi Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. (Programme)) First Semester Part-I,II & III Semester Scheme (Admissions of 2011,2012 & 2014 ) Examination will be start on November 26, 2015 and concluded on December 14, 2015.

University : University of Delhi

Programmes : Bachelor of Science (B.Sc (Programme))

Commencement Time : 2.30 PM

Annual/Semester : Semester

Exam Session : November/December 2015

Contact Number : 011 2700 6900

Contact Address : University of Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

Official Website : www.du.ac.in

Life Sciences, Applied Life Sciences (Agro Chemical and Pest Management), Physical Sciences and Applied Physical Science (Analytical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry).

26th November, Thursday              
Chemistry V CHPT-505 217561 Chemistry-V
(Chemistry of d-block elements, Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy)
Computer Science V CSPT-505 234561 Computer Networks
Electronics V ELPT-505 222561 Communication Electronics
27th November, Friday              
  I ENAT-101 203191 Technical Writing & Communication in English
  I CSAT-101 234191 Computational Skills
28th November, Saturday              
Agro Chemical & Pest Management V 18 217575 Genetics, Biotechnology and Development Biology (Plants)
Analytical Chem./ Industrial Chem. V PHPT-404 222565 Physics-III: Electricity, Magnetism & Electromagnetic Theory
Life Sciences V LSPT-510 223551 Biochemistry & Immunology
Physics V PHPT-505 222563 Physics-V
(Quantum Mechanics & Atomic Physics)
30th November, Monday              
Mathematics III MAPT-303 235366 Mathematics-III (Algebra)
Life Sciences III LSPT-304 216351 Biodiversity-I (Microbes)
Agro Chemical & Pest Management III 10 217375 Biology of Life Forms
1st December, Tuesday              
Chemistry I CHPT-101 217161 Chemistry-I
(Atomic Structure, Bonding, General Organic Chemistry & Aliphatic Hydrocarbons)
Computer Science I CSPT-101 234161 Computer Science-I
(Fundamentals of Programming)
Electronics I ELPT-101 222171 Electronic-I
(Network Analysis)
2nd December, Wednesday              
Agro Chemical & Pest Management V 19 217565 Applied Entomology
Analytical Chemistry V ACPT-505 217567 Analytical Chemistry-V Analytical Biochemistry
Industrial Chemistery V ICPT-505 217563 Industrial Chemistry-V: Dyes & Polymers
Life Sciences V LSPT-511 216553 Developmental Biology & Physiology-Plant
3rd December, Thursday              
Life Sciences III LSPT-305 223353 Biodiversity-II (Animal)
Physics III PHPT-303 222363 Physics-III
(Waves & Optics)
Agro Chemical & Pest Management III 11 217379 Biology of Animals Form Structure and Function
4th December, Friday              
Mathematics I MAPT-101 235166 Mathematics-I
(Calculus and Matrices)
5th December, Saturday              
Analytical Chemistry I ACPT-101 217167 Analytical Chemistry-I
Industrial Chemistry I ICPT-101 217163 Industrial Chemistry-I
Mathematics I MACT-303 235161 Mathematics and Statistics
7th December, Monday              
Analytical Chem./ Industrial Chem. III CHHT-514 217365 Biochemistry and Environmental Chemistry
8th December, Tuesday              
Agro Chemical & Pest Management V 20 217577 Conventional & Biological Insecticides
Chemistry V CHCT-501 217586 Chemistry-I
Computer Science V CSCT-501 234563 Database and Visual Basic
Electronics V ELCT-501 222575 Electronic Circuits
Life Science V LSPT-512 216555 Genetics & Genomics
9th December, Wednesday              
Life Science III LSPT-306 223355 Introduction to Medical Diagnostics
Agro Chemical & Pest Management III 12 217377 Herbicides
Industrial Chemistry III ICPT-303 217363 Industrial Chemistry-III
Analytical Chemistry III ACPT-303 217367 Analytical Chemistry-III
10th December, Thursday              
Life Science I/III LSPT-101 216/223/151 Biology-I
(Introduction to Biology)
11th December, Friday              
Chemistry III CHPT-303 217361 Chemistry-III
(Solutions, Conductance, Electrochemistry and Functional Group Chemistry-2)
Computer Science III CSPT-303 234361 Computer System Architecture
Electronics III ELPT-303 222361 Electronic Instrumentation
12th December, Saturday              
Mathematics V MAPT-505 235566 Mathematics-V
(Real Analysis)
14th December, Monday              
Physics I PHPT-101 222161 Physics-I (Mechanics)
15th December, Tuesday              
Industrial Chem./ Analytical Chem. V EL-310(i) 217582 Green Chemistry
V EL-310(ii) 217583 Polymer Science
V EL-310(iii) 217584 Biotechnology
V EL-310(iv) 217585 Forensic Science

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