DU B.Sc Programme 2nd Sem Date Sheet May 2016

DU B.Sc Programme 2nd Sem Date Sheet 2016 - You can find & download here Date Sheet of University of Delhi Bachelor of Science Programme (B.Sc (Programme)) second semester examination will be held on from May 9, 2016 to May 27, 2016.

{Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Applied Physical Science (Analytical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry) and Applied Life Sciences (Agro Chemical and Pest Management)}

Time of Commencement: 9:00 AM

Date-Sheet for Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Part-I/II & III (2nd Semester)

9th May, Monday
Life Sciences IV LSPT-407 223451 Molecular Biology
Physics IV PHPT-404 222463 Physics-IV
(Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetic Theory)
Physics IV PHPT-303 222465 Physics-II (Wave and Optics)
Agro Chemical and Pest Management IV 14 107477 Agricultural Botany, Plant Pathology and Allelopathy
10th May, Tuesday
Life Sciences II/IV LSPT-202 216251 Biology-II
Industrial Chemistry IV EL-310(vi) 107465 Intellectual Property Rights
11th May, Wednesday
Industrial Chem./ Analytical Chem. VI EL-310(i) 217682 Green Chemistry
  EL-310(ii) 217683 Polymer Science
  EL-310(iii) 217684 Biotechnology
  EL-310(iv) 217685 Forensic Science
12th May, Thursday
Physics II PHPT-202 222263 Physics-II (Thermal Physics)
Mathematics II MAPT-101 235267 Mathematics (Calculus and Matrices)
13th May, Friday
Agro Chemical and Pest Management VI 22 217675 Plant Systematics & Physiology
Industrial Chemistry VI ICPT-606 217663 Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Analytical Chemistry VI ACPT-606 217667 Analytical Chemistry-VI
Physics VI PHPT-606 222663 Physics-VI (Solid State & Nuclear Physics)
Life Sciences VI LSPT-613 216651 Applied Biology and Biotechnology
14th May, Saturday
Chemistry IV CHPT-404 217461 Chemistry-IV
(Chemistry of s & p block elements, States of Matter and Phase Equilibrium)
Computer Science IV CSPT-404 234461 Operating System
Electronics IV ELPT-404 222461 Digital Electronics
16th May, Monday
Chemistry II CHPT-202 217261 Chemistry-II
(Thermodynamics, Equilibrium & Functional Group Organic Chemistry-1))
Computer Science II CSPT-202 234261 Computer Science-II (Data Structures)
Electronics II ELPT-202 222261 Electronic-II (Analog Circuits)
17th May, Tuesday
Agrochemical and Pest Management VI 23 217665 Integrated Pest Management
Mathematics VI MAPT-606 235666 Mathematics-VI (Mechanics and Discrete Mathematics)
Life Sciences VI LSPT-614 223653 Developmental Biology and Physiology-Animal
18th May, Wednesday
Mathematics II MAPT-202 235266 Mathematics-II (Calculus and Geometry)
Industrial Chemistry II ICPT-202 217263 Industrial Chemistry-II
(Fossil, Fuel, Cleansing Agents and Food Additives)
Analytical Chemistry II ACPT-202 217267 Analytical Chemistry-II (Separation Methods-I)
Agro Chemical and Pest Management II 7 217271 Soils and Fertilizers
Life Science II LSPT-203 107261 Food, Nutrition and Health
19th May, Thursday
Mathematics IV/VI MAPT-404 235466 Mathematics-IV (Differential Equations)
20th May, Friday
  II ENAT-201 203291 Technical Writing & Communication in English
  II CSAT-201 234291 Computational Skills
23rd May, Monday
Life Science IV LSPT-408 216453 Biodiversity-III (Plants)
Agro Chemical and Pest Management IV 15 107479 Immunology, Molecular Biology and Development
Analytical Chemistry IV ACPT-404 217467 Analytical Chemistry-IV: (Separation Methods-II)
Industrial Chemistry IV ICPT-404 217463 Industrial Chemistry-IV: Pharmaceuticals, Fermentation, Pesticides & Perfumes
24th May, Tuesday
  II ESQP 218281 Environmental Studies (Qualifying Paper)
25th May, Wednesday
Agrochemical & Pest Management VI 24 217677 Pesticide Formulation & Analytical Techniques
Chemistry VI CHCT-602 217686 Chemistry-II
Computer Science VI CSCT-602 234663 Multimedia Systems and Applications
Electronics VI ELCT-602 222665 Communication Electronics
Life Science VI LSPT-615 216655 Ecology and Environmental Management
26th May, Thursday
Chemistry VI CHPT-606 217661 Chemistry-6
(Organometallics, Bio-inorganic Chemistry, Proteins and UV-IR Spectroscopy)
Computer Science VI CSPT-606 234661 Database Management Systems
Electronics VI ELPT-606 222661 Microprocessors
27th May, Friday
Life Science IV LSPT-409 107455 Bioinformatics
Agro Chemical and Pest Management IV 16 217475 Fungicides

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