DU B.Sc Hons. 4th Sem Date Sheet May 2016

DU B.Sc Hons. 4th Sem Date Sheet May 2016 - You can find & download here Date Sheet of University of Delhi Bachelor of Science with Honours (B.Sc (Hons.)) fourth semester examination will be held on from May 9, 2016 to May 27, 2016.

MAIN SUBJECTS: Anthropology, Bio-Chemistry, Biomedical, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science (Admission of 2011), Electronics, Geology, Microbiology, Physics, Statistics and Zoology.


Date-sheet for B.Sc. (Honours) Part-I/II & III (4th Semester)

Main Subject Sem. Paper/ Sub. Code Unique Paper Code Description
9th May, Monday
Anthropology IV ANHT-410 215401 Tribes and Peasants of India
Biochemistry IV BCHT-406 249401 Bioenergetics
Biomedical IV BOHT-405 258401 Biochemistry
Botany IV BTHT-405 216401 Plant Development & Anatomy
Chemistry IV CHHT-408 217401 Inorganic Chemistry-III
Computer Science IV CSHT-408 234401 Operating System
Electronics IV ELHT-401 251401 Numerical Techniques
Geology IV GEHT-401 219401 Geology of India
Microbiology IV MIHT-406 253401 Microbial Physiology and Metabolism-II
Physics IV PHHT-411 222401 Mathematical Physics-IV
Statistics IV STHT-401 237401 Numerical Analysis
Zoology IV ZOHT-405 223401 Animal Physiology and Functional Histology-II
12th May, Thursday
Anthropology IV ANHT-411 215402 Anthropology of Religion, Politics & Economy
Biochemistry IV BCHT-407 249403 Metabolism of Amino Acid & Nucleotides
Biomedical IV BOHT-406 258403 Medicinal Chemistry
Botany IV BTHT-406 216403 Plant Ecology & Phytogeography
Chemistry IV CHHT-409 217403 Organic Chemistry-III
Computer Science IV CSHT-409 234403 Data Communication and Computer Networks
Electronics IV ELHT-402 251403 Analog Electronics-II
Geology IV GEHT-402 219403 Economic Geology
Microbiology IV MIHT-407 253403 Microbial Ecology
Physics IV PHHT-412 222402 Optics
Statistics IV STHT-402 237402 Probability and Statistical Methods-IV
Zoology IV ZOHT-406 223403 Biochemistry
16th May, Monday
Anthr./Botany/ Biochem./Biomed./ Microbio./Zoology IV CBHT-402 107481 Cell Biology-II
Anthropology IV ANHT-412 215403 Biodiversity & Indigenous Knowledge
Chemistry IV CHHT-410 217405 Physical Chemistry-III
Computer Science IV CSHT-410 234405 Software Engineering
Electronics IV ELHT-403 251405 Electromagnetics
Geology IV GEHT-403 219405 Engineering Geology
Physics IV PHHT-413 235463 Mathematics-II (Analysis & Statistics)
Statistics IV STHT-403 237404 Operational Research
18th May, Wednesday
Anthropology II ANHT-206 215204 Biostatistics and Data Analysis
Biochem./Biomed./ Microbio. II MACT-303 235161 Mathematics & Statistics
Botany II BTHT-203 216203 Biodiversity-III: Archegoniatae
Chemistry II CHHT-204 217203 Analytical Methods in Chemical Analysis
Computer Science II MAPT-202 235266 Calculus and Geometry
Electronics II MAHT-204 235271 Mathematics-I
Geology IV GEHT-404 219261 Probability and Statistics
Physics II PHHT-205 222203 Electricity and Magnetism
Statistics II STH-203 237201 Probability and Statistical Methods-II
Zoology II ZOHT-203 223203 Biodiversity-III: Chordata-II
19th May, Thursday
Geology II GEHT-203 219256 Physical Chemistry
Anth./Botany/ Biochem./Biomed./ Microbio./Zoology IV MBHT-402 107485 Molecular Biology-II
Anthropology IV ANHT-413 215405 Anthropology of India
Chemistry IV PHCT-402 222453 Physics-II
Computer Science IV MAPT-404 235466 Differential Equations
Electronics IV CS-2 251406 Data Structure
Physics IV PHHT-414 222403 Numerical Analysis
Statistics IV STHT-404 237405 Computer Programming in C

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